The tradition that runs through us (Santa Mònica exhibition)

In recent years we have experienced a great transformation. The world has changed and, due to the proliferation of critical revisions of its patriarchal, colonial and exploitative foundations, our understanding of it has also changed. We can no longer stop feeling the dominant cultures, which have marked our identities, as foreign bodies that violently pierce us.

This transformation, however, points not only to our future but also to our past. Questioning certain foundational myths and recovering others historically sidelined is crucial to reconfiguring our present.

How do we confront today the tradition that runs through  us and wounds us?

Santa Mònica has invited twenty artists to discuss and share lines of work around this question. This collective process has led to the series of newly produced pieces presented in this exhibition, a set of critical readings of the traditions that have shaped us and continue to do so

Agustín Ortiz Herrera
Albert Gironès
Anna Carreras
Colectivo Ayllu
Greta Alfaro
José y sus hermanas
Mónica Rikić
Montserrat Soto
Robert Llimós
Verónica Lahitte + Antonio Gagliano
Xesca Salvà

Interventions by:
Alberto Cortés
Conde de Torrefiel
Parlament Ciutadà de Cultura de Barcelona

Texts by:
Cristina Morales

Music by:
Maria Coma

A project curated by:
Marta Gracia
Enric Puig Punyet
Ferran Utzet

With the collaboration of:  Koniclab i Sâlmon

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The tradition that runs through us (Santa Mònica exhibition)