"A dreamlike experience" by Silvia Bottiroli

 This text has been written for and published by for the final publication of Live Arts Week, a festival project curated and organized by Xing in Bologna. It elaborates on the keynote An Experience that Belongs to Nobody, that I gave at the Wiener Festwochen in September 2021. Invited to share some perspectives on festivals, I started from my experience as the director of Santarcangelo Festival between 2012 and 2016: five years when we also explored what the future of a festival could be, facilitating platforms of reflection, discourse and practice that could eventually set conditions for different form of experience of the festival as an entity in itself.

A dreamlike experience
Silvia Bottiroli

When directing Santarcangelo Festival, I made some researches onto its history and archive and bumped into an interview that Roberto Bacci gave in 2005 about his experience of Santarcangelo 78, his first edition as artistic director. Bacci was appointed by Romeo Donati, the communist mayor who had initiated the festival in 1971 with the ambition of making it an international gathering and a significant point in the geography of contemporary theatre -which indeed Santarcangelo became in 1978 and continued to be. In the interview, he relives that experience and puts it into words. (...)