Santa Mònica’s new project shares much of Sâlmon 22’s modus operandi. That is why the festival will blend into Santa Mònica’s ongoing exhibition, which deals critically with the notion of tradition: tradition as a collection of possible destruction, analysis or rereading strategies, brought about by counterhegemonic perspectives that challenge the fictions that still shape our identity. Sâlmon’s programme meshes with the exhibition’s narrative and joins the local fabric, in collaboration with the centre’s mediation team. And to top it all, on Santa Eulàlia’s day (the patroness of the truth), Sâlmon will host the 4th Citizen Culture ParliaMent of Barcelona.

4th Citizen Culture ParliaMent of Barcelona
El camino del ardor
Alberto Cortés with Santa Mònica mediaton group
ULTRAFICCIÓN nr. 4 / Working Class     
El Conde de Torrefiel
Mutant walks
Laura Arensburg, Elena Blesa Cábez, Jordi Ferreiro, Alba Rihe, Diana Rangel
El Ardor
Alberto Cortés