CCCB has always been and still is an important place for the city’s performing arts. Therefore, Sâlmon 22 has sought a link to CCCB and will get involved in the processes and projects that are currently taking place behind its walls. We are inspired by the exhibition The Mask Never Lies, still on display during the festival days, and have curated a programme of local and international projects that stage the friction of disciplines and push them to the liminal space. These projects will circulate around the notion of biopolitics, fuelled by body narratives and their various knowledges.

Fictions, Future, History
David Aguilar in dialogue with Pablo Gisbert (El Conde de Torrefiel)
As Buffard As Possible
Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor & Guests
Marta Ziólek
Medasawa and Bella Báguena in concert